Miracle Playsystems

Seaside School Playground

Working with Miracle Playsystems, a leading play equipment design and distribution firm, was an exciting opportunity. Seaside Child Development Center had a unique vision for their playground—they wanted an all-wood design that exuded a natural feel. Miracle's designers collaborated with various manufacturers to bring this vision to life.

Watching the children engage with the balancing posts, I was captivated by their creativity and energy. These simple yet effective posts provided the perfect platforms for jumping, perching, and observing their surroundings.

My ultimate objective was to capture and preserve the extraordinary moments of excitement, wonder, and boundless creativity that unfolded within the playground. Through the lens of my camera, I sought to immortalize the genuine expressions of joy reflected in the children's radiant smiles, the unbridled enthusiasm embodied in their leaps of pure exhilaration, and the beautiful interactions that unfolded amidst the play equipment.

From the spontaneous bursts of laughter that filled the air to the collaborative adventures embarked upon together, I aimed to capture the essence of these precious moments, which encompassed a myriad of emotions ranging from sheer delight to genuine awe. The photographs serve as a testament to the undeniable magic of the playground, a space that not only provides a physical outlet for the children's energy but also a catalyst for their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

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